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Rainbow Bridge
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Weezie came to Michigan Siamese Rescue on 10-8-09 and was adopted by a very gentle man who wanted companionship of a Siamese. She had a wonderful life with him until he passed on 1-1-2013. Michigan Siamese Rescue took Weezie back and Elaine and Rick took wonderful care of her as she had been diagnosed with kidney disease. She was doing really well, but one morning Weezie was no longer with us. We truely belive she died of a broken heart over the loss of her dearest friend and companion. She touched the fosters' heart and also the Doctor and their staff at the clinic she had been at when diagnosed. Her companion was a very special person and so was Weezie. They were a great pair and now they are together. (9-2-2005 - 4-1-2013)

It is with heavy heart that I send this. I thought Winston and I would have many more years together. He came to live at his forever home with me on 7/16/11. He was a happy boy and so incredibly loving. He was smart, understanding everything I said to him, as if he was human. He just passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, 12/10/13, but the hole he has left in my heart is huge. I could not have asked for a better companion. I loved him and he loved me. His passing was unexpected, even the vet was shocked. I miss him very much but know that he is playing with family and friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Kim

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