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Rainbow Bridge
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At first glance, you'll notice that Kaylyco was not a Siamese kitty.  Kaylyco lived with 7 Siamese brothers and sisters, all of these Siamese were MISR kitties.  When Kayly was just 2, she took our first two flame point Siamese and our only pure-bred Siamese and became their mother.  These 3 Siamese and one calico Kaylyco were unseparable.  Kaylyco watched over every Siamese kitty that spent any time in our house.  She was the quiet ruler of the house for 12 years and the kitties and humans feel blessed to have had her for so long, and miss her so much.

King Tut
Just before Christmas, 2013, King Tut went over the Rainbow Bridge. He was very much loved by his family and will not be forgotten.

6/25/08 Well it is me again from over the rainbow bridge. Sad for her humans, but a blessing for me that I was able to meet Chick Pea at the rainbow bridge. We had been apart for a short period of time. You see this thing humans call Leukemia is strange. Some kitties live a long normal life and others like Chick Pea and myself are taken from our humans far too soon. Our mom Ellice and her family were so great to us, but the best gift they gave us was a wonderful life of love and fun and then when it was time, they let us go from all our missery that this stuff causes. I will protect Chick Pea and take good care of her. We are off to chase butterflys and play. Thanks Mom and Grandpa and Grandma for all you did. We are safe and out of pain and we are together. Love to all, Chick Pea & Kingsley

Kyoshi will never be forgotten.

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