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Rainbow Bridge
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Mali is gone but not forgotten. She has left the family with a heavy heart and all who knew her. She made a trail of friends wherever she went. She will be missed and fond memories will carry her on. Mali's Family

Mandy & Tucker
Mandy and Tucker went to their forever home in August of 2004 at the ages guestimated to be 5 at that time. Tucker went over the Rainbow Bridge on 7-21-2012 to join his beloved Mandy who preceded him by several years. Mandy and Tucker were greatly loved and will be missed by Mell & Elaine.

It is with deep sadness that we say Farewell to one of our MISR babies, adopted sixteen years ago when she was three years old. Minnie was her Mom and Dad's first foster, extremely frightened and in hiding. With much love and care, they saw Minnie slowly beginning to trust them, and she was so precious, they soon adopted her. Even though Minnie continued to be somewhat hesitant and fearful, she gave her Family all that her beautiful little heart could give. Minnie developed kidney failure and along with that, lost her sibling Simba, three years ago. He is pictured with her in the Memorial below. He has been waiting patiently at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome his sister, when it was her time. On October 12th, Minnie lost her battle with kidney disease, and bid her Family and her other brother, Furby, farewell. She was welcomed at the Bridge by her loving brother, Simba. Rest well, little Minnie. You were most Precious and much Loved, and will be much missed. Nan and Ron

Misty came to MISR and the home of her foster dad, Rick, on May 22, 2009. A person who saw her being abused by children had turned her into a local shelter. Although Misty had some serious health issues, she was able to live a very good life with much love and care from Rick. He believed that Misty was close to 15 years old and that her hard life before being rescued had put those extra years on her. Something Rick will always remember was Misty’s way of greeting him. Sometimes she would look at him, open her mouth, and let out an ear-piercing meow. Other times she would look at him open her mouth, and not a sound would come out. Misty went over the rainbow bridge on February 15, 2014 and will be greatly missed. Misty had a very unique, sweet personality and will leave a huge void in Rick's life and in the lives of all who knew her. There was no one quite like Misty.

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