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Amara (also known as "Mara") is shown in a current photo. She is very happy and relaxed in her new home.


Here is Toby, formerly Taffy, adopted from MISR 11 years ago! His Mom sends us this fabulous update and two beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing this! "I adopted Toby from MISR 11 yrs ago. He's doing great and is best cat ever. We have added 2 rambunctious rescue dogs to the household a few years after adopting Toby, and he was completely cool about the whole thing. He is King of the Castle, and even the dogs know it. Toby is perched on the back of the sofa in this pic...one of his fave places in the house."


Nimbus, an adorable little baby girl, was adopted from MISR a short while ago. Her new family says she is one happy little kitty and that they love her to pieces! Here she is with her new brother. Thanks for sharing this sweet photo with us !


Ariel and Titanya were adopted a few years ago and their Mom sends us this wonderful update! "Hi, folks-- Ariel and Titanya are SO glad to be back out in the sun room! (Note that the screens are very heavy-duty!) Thought you might enjoy seeing them."


Ping has already been adopted! Sapphire's new Mom has given her a new brother in Ping. She sends us this wonderful photo of Ping, now called Stanley, who is now sharing Sapphire's teddy bear smile emoticon Big congrats to Ping/Stanley and Sapphire, now Stella, and a huge THANKS to their new Mom for giving these two babies a wonderful new life!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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