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About Michigan Siamese Rescue (MISR)

From an organizational standpoint, we are a corporation, with our own Board, policies, and procedures, modeled on the outstanding work that has already been done by Siamese Rescue in Virginia, Texas, and Kansas (SiameseRescue.org). We are a group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping as many Siamese, Snowshoe Siamese, and Siamese mixed cats as possible. Although we give precedence to cats that are located within Michigan, as space allows we will accept cats from surrounding and nearby states. Similarly, although our main objective is to focus on the Siamese, at times you may spot an occasional "imposter" on our website such as Birmans, Ragdolls, Balinese, or other pointed cats.

The majority of our cats come from humane societies, animal control facilities, independent rescuers, and the occasional owner surrender. We do not have a central shelter or facility where you can view all our cats in person.  Our cats are placed in foster homes throughout southeast Michigan where they live until a suitable adoptive home is located.

In a shelter environment, the cats are typically in small cages, frequently close to, or across from loud, barking dogs. The cats that will be adopted are the ones that come right up to the front of the cage, stick out their paw, and meow loudly to "Pick Me!".

Frequently Siamese do not engage in such endearing and adoptable behavior. The Siamese tend to form extremely close, personal bonds with "their" humans, and in a shelter they're confused, scared, and emotionally traumatized. Often, they huddle at the back of the cold metal cage and hiss or swat at any friendly hands, or just turn their backs on the noise and chaos and withdraw into themselves. Because of this, they get passed over, and in the typical animal control where space is always at a premium and "adoptability" the gold standard of success, this leads to a shockingly low "shelf life" for these cats.

We know Siamese cats!  And we know that the same cat that hissed at you from the back of a cage, given a quiet home environment to feel safe in, will 9 times out of 10 turn into a purring, affectionate, loyal, and loving companion. Admittedly, Siamese aren't the breed for everyone. Added to this, a rescue cat isn't for everyone. They are almost exclusively from unknown backgrounds. They frequently have been neglected, abused, and mistreated. Even those that were someone's beloved pet may have a very hard time coping with the loss of their first family, the emotional trauma of a shelter and adjustment to a new home.

Although we make every effort to ensure that our cats are physically healthy when they leave our care, we do not have their medical histories, and there may be undetected physical or emotional problems to deal with down the road. But if you are willing and able to accept the work and extra effort one of these "recycled" cats entails, you will be richly rewarded with years of purrs, headbutts, love, and loyalty.

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