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Sapphire, now Stella, is happily relaxing in her new home. Mom shares this adorable picture with us, of this precious kitty with her very own teddy bear


This is beautiful Serta, who was adopted not long ago. Her new family sends us this news and photo :) "Here is the picture of Precious (formerly Serta) and Pele. They are a work in progress but they are working it out slowly. We love them both so much and can't imagine life without them. We feel so blessed to have Precious in our family. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her. Take care!" Serta is the light colored kitty in back of her new brother.


Simba and Franchesca making sure the neighbors leave for work on time!


Hello MISR! We wanted to let everyone know how happy we are to have Sherwood with us. It is hard to believe he has been with us for over a month already. It seems like he has always been here, what a perfect match for us. He can be a very busy cat watching the birds and squirrels on the sunporch. He especially likes watching the squirrels and rabbits. He is very playful and active for a cat that is nine years old. He does take a afternoon nap, but for the most part he keeps an eye on what we are doing, just in case he can help. Also, Sherwood is very talkative, having a lot of important things to say. He is my constant companion, everything I could ask for in a friend. He has certainly filled the empty house that we had after our kitties went over the rainbow bridge last year. We are not in a hurry for a companion for Sherwood, but keep us in mind if the perfect match may come along. I enjoy all the updates on the kitties and feel like they are our family too. I did send some pictures out over the internet of Sherwood that we have so far. Let me know if that worked for the happy board at siamese rescue. I can develop some pictures to send if you need them. Let me know. We will keep in touch on our boy----- Ranaye & John


Simon and Benson are doing great. They are happy and thriving, and as you can tell by this photo, they are best buddies. Their favorite place to sleep is in a box on top of the fridge. So much for fancy cat trees and cat beds! They are both friendly boys who get along well with my other two cats and any human who happens to be close by with a lap to snuggle in. They are both healthy and beautiful. They like to sleep under the covers with me and keep me warm all night long. Thank you very much for allowing me to adopt these gorgeous boys!

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