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Leyloe & Jinx

MISR's two darling boys, Layloe and Jinx, now Merlin and Jinx, have been adopted together! Their new Mom reports they have taken over the house and that they have captivated their new family. How wonderful to hear! Congrats to Merlin and Jinx, and their new Family! They share this charming picture of the two boys looking out the window together.


Lily has become a beautiful flamepoint girl. She was the cutest kitten when I got her at 4 months old. I hvae had her for 2.5 years and love,love,love her! She gets along great with her brother Max who is 5 years old and her newest sister Lexie who is 9 months old. It is so comical to watch them chase each other around the house and the fall asleep together. As you can see in the picture, she loves to eat! She is a great cat! Nan, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. You are the best!


We decided a while back to rename her Sophie. Leah was a pretty name, but we wanted to give her a name of our choosing. Giving her a name of our own really made her feel like part of the family. It might sound silly, but I think she approves because she started responding to the name Sophie right away. Sophie fits in well with our family. She and Francisco get along like two peas in a pod. They even have daily routines together now. Every morning, while I'm getting ready for work or school, Sophie and Francisco drink out of the faucet in the sink together (at the same time). It's pretty entertaining seeing them both sitting in the sink trying to drink out of the same stream of water. Sohpie likes just about every water source in the house except her own water bowl. She follows us into the bathrooms all the time for a drink from the faucet. She has a very healthy appetite as well. Sophie and Francisco love to race around the house, play with toy mice or balls and share catnip together. The only area of disagreement between Sophie and Francisco was about her sleeping on our bed. Francisco didn't like that idea at first, he tried to chase her away. I showed him that it was okay for them both to sleep on the bed at night and now she sleeps next to my right leg and he snuggles by my right shoulder. It took a little longer for her to trust our dog Milly. She was very cautious around Milly, but she eventually realized that Milly loves cats and won't hurt her. I can't say that they are best friends yet, but she tolerates Milly and isn't afraid of her. I do feel a little bad for Milly though. Now that Francisco has a kitty friend, he no longer pays as much attention to his dog friend. Sophie is not too shy for the most part. It didn't take her very long to make herself totally comfortable in our home. She was not happy about being kept isolated in a separate room, so we let her out pretty quickly. She wanted to explore and get to know her new environment. She spent a week in our office due to the tapeworms, but as soon as we had her to the vet for the deworming, she was out and about. We kept the litter box and food and water in the office for about a week after that so she could retreat if she felt unsure, but she prefers to hang out wherever the rest of the family is. The only time she acts shy is when we have guests over. We had some friends over last weekend and both Francisco and Sophie hid under the bed for a little while. Eventually they both came out and socialized. She has really taken a shine to my husband, Colin. She follows him around the house and demands affection. She isn't the most vocal of Siameses, but she makes it obvious when she wants something. Right now she is purring away and wants some love. She is always extremely affectionate when I'm on the computer. We're all very happy to have her in our lives. She is a wonderful addition. Annie


Lacey, now named Keya Rose, is fully a part of our home in only one month! She eats well and socializes now with our other two cats, and has turned into a purr machine. She enjoys being held and petting, still on her terms, but quite often. She loves to chase our 18 month old MayLi, and has pretty much made herself at home everywhere here. What a difference from those first few days and in such a short time! We can't thank you and Keya's foster Dad enough for getting this beautiful girl ready to grace our home. We just LOVE Keya and she has complete our family.

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