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MISR requires a minimum donation for each of our adoptions, but many, many times that is less then we have invested in our cats. Rescueing cats is expensive — in addition to the routine spay/neuter, testing, and vaccines, many cats require antibiotics or expensive diagnostic tests. MISR is committed to doing whatever it takes to “recondition” these Siamese, but we need your help. Dental work and a blood panel on an adult cat alone runs upwards for $120, and this just one example of the many commonly encountered expenses. All MISR officers, directors, and members are volunteers; every dollar received goes to organization to rescue and help more cats.

One way that you can help us out without having to spend a single of your own pennies is by doing any online shopping that you would have done anyway by going to iGive first. iGive is a "portal" to approximately 370 online merchants that have agreed to donate a portion of their profits  received via their website to a cause that you have selected (we'd like to be our MISR cause!). You can shop from Barnes and Noble, Dell Computers, and REI just to name a few. The price you pay at these online merchants is the same price you would have paid otherwise. You win by getting the item you would have bought anyway; the merchant wins because they got your business; MISR wins because we get a donation via the merchant. Please go to iGive.com and check it out yourself. There is no cost to join and no obligation to buy anything from anyone even if you join.

If you would like to help us out directly with a donation of time, supplies, or a financial donation, please
email us.

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