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Siamese (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Small

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Please Note: This animal is listed as a courtesy to another organization. Please be sure to contact the foster/caretaker for more information about her.


This is an owner assist adoption.  Stay tuned for more info and better pictures!

Description: Siamese mix, blue eyes, on the slim side (maybe 7-9 lb lbs) beautiful chocolate point coat, gorgeous face. Born in 2004.  Front declawed and spayed. Her teeth show little or no plaque and her gumsare very healthy and bright and her eyes are very clear so I know she isn't more than a couple of years old. She has not yet been to a vet (I can't afford it).

Personality: Spunky for sure. Loves to be petted gently anywhere on herhead and top of her body (though not on her tummy, she'll gently nip at you if pet her there for more than a few seconds) and you can pick her up and hold her (as long as you keep her close to you and well supported. She loves laps and sitting right next to you on a couch. She also sleeps with me every night without fail next to my legs and loves to lick me. She wants to be wherever you are unless she's napping on the bed in my room (her safe space).

This little girl has attitude though. I have not had her around any otherpets other than my two cats (who are total lovebugs) and while shetolerates them, she will occasionally hiss at them if they try to play withher. She will lick their heads if I am petting them and vice versa so shedoesn't hate them but she hasn't bonded with them either and I can't
guarantee she will bond with any other cats either.

She's very vocal and will meow at you until you pet her for a short while.  She loves to play with toys, eats a normal amount and seems very healthy.  The only thing she does is spit up every other day, either a hairball orsometimes food. She's put on weight since she's been here though and isotherwise not at all sick. Acts like a normal cat in every regard but theregular hairballs (My two boys rarely have hairballs but their hair is alittle bit shorter than Blue.)

What Blue Needs: A family/couple/single who will be committed to her forthe rest of her life. She lets me pet her whenever I want but seemsskiddish in general, or maybe just vocal. She clearly once had a familythat had resources to take her to the vet and get her declawed and I wonderhow anyone could abandon this beautiful girl but I think she's harboring aa bit of a grudge about it, and who can blame her.

I would prefer she go to a home with no other cats and no small children asI have no idea how she'd react to them, or that the person adopting herwould commit to a slow/gradual introduction to the other cats (though ifthey are at all dominant, it's not going to work.) I think she'd be finewith a dog as long as it wasn't extremely hyper and would also need to be

Blue is a beautiful girl who just wants to be loved (in her own particularway) and taken care of. She'll be a wonderful member of the family.


About Blue

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Cat
  • Rescue ID: C120016
  • General Color: Chocolate
  • Declawed: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes

Phone Number: 866-Meezers (866-633-9377) http://www-mi-siamese-rescue.com

MISR always accepts donations of lightly used cat carriers, cat trees/towers, and polartec delivery blankets.

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