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Siamese (short coat)  : :  Medium

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Linky and Deja Bleu are a bonded pair and a joy to foster.  They have been together since Linky was a baby. Now, he takes care of Deja, grooming her and snuggling with her when they sleep.
Deja is a beautiful Blue Point girl--kind of quiet and relaxed but a loving and affectionate companion cat. She loves lap sitting and TV watching and joining you in bed at night.  If she has something to say, she will tell you.  She gazes into your eyes and listens to everything you say.  She greets her Foster Dad at the door when he comes home.
Linky, on the other hand, is known as The Pest.  He is the most lovable guy and is as devoted to his humans as he is to his cat friends.  He will follow you around the house to "help" you and "supervise" whatever you are doing!  And, of course, he is available to assist you whenever you go into the bathroom.  Oh and he is a great Laundry Helper too.
Linky greets everyone who comes to the door, i.e., UPS Guy. Pizza Guy. and visitors coming to adopt other cats.  Linky doesn't consider anyone a stranger.  As a Flame Point Siamese Mix, he is friendly and active and those blue eyes of his are mesmerizing.  He and his fellow Flame Point buddy are famous for starting in the bedroom and chasing each other, at top speed, to the family room where the cat-tree stands ready for a double attack from The Rowdy Boys.  Fortunately, it is firmly anchored to the ceiling and floor.  So far. :)
We think Deja and Linky are a perfect pair:  you get one (mostly) quiet one and one party animal!  Please come meet these two and get ready for a double dose of love.


About Deja Bleu & Linky

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Cat
  • Rescue ID: C120017
  • Housetrained: Yes

Phone Number: 866-Meezers (866-633-9377) http://www-mi-siamese-rescue.com

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Other Pictures of Deja Bleu & Linky (click to see larger version):

Deja Bleu & Linky Deja Bleu & Linky Deja Bleu & Linky

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